This is very different from a standard flight: it's a hot-air balloon flight customised to cater to the customer's needs and wishes. Also the flight itself will be for you only: there will be no strangers riding with you, so that you will be safer and you will fully enjoy the feelings and the magic of air travel in this poetic, old-style fashion. Designed for a maximum of a group of 7 people, in differente balloons for an unforgettable experience!

Price: Starting from € 850.00 for 2 people, including VAT. For larger groups, contact us for a customised quote

Duration: flight about 1 Hour, all experience 3 to 4 hours

Location: Piedmont,Lombardia,Umbria

When: Piedmont all year round, other locations June to September

How to purchase: We love direct contact with our customers. Send us an e-mail explaining your requirements, and we’ll give you detailed information about the flight and how to purchase it