Offer an exclusive experience as a gift! An exclusive and private hot-air balloon flight is the perfect gift for a special occasion, an anniversary, or a wedding – a unique and original thought from the heart! Depending on your needs, you may add many complementary services to your flight and create a customised package.
Price: from € 760 flight only for 2 people VAT included, from € 850 3 people depending on the location chosen, prices VAT included; for larger groups contact us for a customized quotation.
Duration: flight about 1 Hour, all experience 3 to 4 hours
Location: Piedmont,Lombardia,Umbria
When: Piedmont all year round, other locations June to September
How to purchase: We love direct contact with our customers. Send us an e-mail explaining your requirements, and we’ll give you detailed information about the flight and how to purchase it.