Sky as a promotion

Advertising in the Sky. Did you know that the sky offers extraordinary advertising opportunities? People look up at the sky, continuously and naturally, to admire the sun, the clouds, an eagle... Or a hot-air balloon!

Why choosing a hot-air balloon for advertising?

  • Because it has a huge visual impact
  • Because the cost/contact ratio is highly effective
  • Because it surprises and amazes
  • Because it brings together advertising and emotional involvement
  • Because it often sticks much longer in people's minds...

For this particular form of advertising, we offer various solutions. Our hot-air balloons can be customised with banners of various sizes, or you can even have a balloon completely decorated with your brand.

Our hot-air balloons, both tethered or free, can be used for events, demonstrations, weddings, and any other occasion. For tethered flights, all we need is a free area of about 50 m by 50 m, clear of obstacles. We take care of everything else.

For longer periods of time, in cooperation with a specialised partner, we offer a wide range of helium aerostats of various sizes, and also supply gazebos or any other necessary materials... A comprehensive service, to ensure your event will be a success.

Discover our various offers to turn the sky into your showcase!