It opened in the best way!


A very exciting way to start the 2021 season! In fact, we made a tethered flight for a company on the occasion of their private event. A perfect weather and an impeccable organization enabled us to do the job well and with the great general satisfaction of the customer. In particular, the continuous dialogue with them has allowed us to better plan the whole activity both in terms of schedules and organization on the ground. As we always love to repeat, the "practical" part on the field is just the tip of the iceberg, first of all there is a whole preparation work which is fundamental, especially from the planning and bureaucratic point of view. It is essential to ascertain the customer's needs, and then merge them with the necessary compliance with the aeronautical rules and the safety of operations to have satisfactory and successful operations for all. Our pride is a complete team integration with the customer to reach the complete fulfillment of the assigned mission, in this case to experience the thrill of a balloon flight during an event organized for their marketing team. Perfectly hit target!