on a newspaper!

on the newspaper for a photo shooting




A great satisfaction for us, which we gladly publish as a beautiful memory. Our hot air balloon chosen for its colors in harmony with lavender for a beautiful photo shoot.

There was no shortage of difficulties, starting from a not exactly optimal inflation location up to the need not to be "visible" in the shots since we certainly weren't the protagonists! But with the usual professionalism everything went well, and a great team worked for the final result.

The shooting started very early, practically at dawn, with everyone still not exactly awake, except our crew who are used to waking up at dawn. The balloon flight in fact needs stable conditions, such as those found in the early morning shortly after sunrise or a couple of hours before sunset.

What may appear to be a limitation is actually a perfect condition for photography and cinema, given that right now you have the most interesting and atmospheric lighting conditions.

We are always available with our hot air balloon, and if required with our collaborators, for impressive and fascinating photo shoots. Thanks to Alberto Mazzei for the photo of the model