This is a more structured programme, lasting about a day and a half.

The participants will arrive early in the morning and, after a short theoretical part, they will immediately get on the field. With diligence and team work, a gas balloon will be prepared. There are rigid procedures to follow with this balloon, and its set-up must be perfect, in order to understand and analyse many individual and group dynamics.
The participants will then take part in an exciting tethered flight at over 30 m in height. A unique and adrenaline-filled experience, that will be the reward for a hard day.
Then, while the balloon deflates, individual feelings will be explored. After that, it will be time for dinner and relaxation. The following morning, the equipment will be organised, in order to analyse further relationship modes.
Finally, there will be an accurate final de-briefing and a tasty lunch, to conclude this amazing and comprehensive experience.