Frequently asked questions about hot-air Balloon flights

Is flying on a hot-air balloon safe?

It’s adventurous, exciting, end especially SAFE! Hot-air balloons are the oldest aircraft known to mankind. The materials used to build them are cutting-edge, but they also uphold tradition. The well-trained staff and the rigid aeronautical standards ensure that the incident rate of flying in a hot-air balloon is one of the lowest among aircrafts. Last but not least, all our balloons are certified and insured according to ENAC (Ente Nazionale Aviazione Civile, Italian Civil Aviation Authority) requirements.

Is it possible to fly all year long?

Of course. You can enjoy a wonderful ride admiring the colours of autumn or spring, as well as be enraptured by a rigid winter scenery or the pleasant warmth of a summer morning.

What clothes should be worn to fly in a hot-air balloon?

How much does a hot-air balloon ride cost?

We recommend comfortable sports clothing. If possible, wear boots or protective shoes. Since you will fly early in the morning, it's advisable to have a good windbreaker or jacket.

Is it possible to fly all day long?

It depends on the location and season. As a general rule, it is preferable to fly early in the morning or in the evening. Generally, we take off as soon as dawn breaks, or about 2/3 hours before dusk. The effort of getting up very early will be compensated by a unique and wonderful flight... Believe us!

How can I book a flight?

ALL our flights are customised. You won't have to book or pay anything in advance. You just need to contact us, describe your requirements, and you will receive a customised offer, just for you.

How much does a hot-air balloon ride cost?

The price varies depending on the operator and the organisation they work for.

How many people can fly with you?

As we have already mentioned, ALL our flights are customised and you will never fly with strangers. Thus, we can offer you a quality service and an experience tailor-made for you. Our flights are for groups of a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 10 people, split into different hot-air balloons. You will never ride with strangers in the same basket.

How long does a hot-air balloon ride last?

The ride itself lasts about an hour, but also the inflation process is a performance that you cannot miss! All things considered, including coming to get you at your landing point and the final aperitif, we recommend you take into account at least 4 hours.

Will we take off and land in the same location?

NO, the balloon is led by the wind and the destination is unknown... that's the beauty of the experience! Some staff members on the ground will follow the flight, and will reach the landing location to take care of all post-flight operations.

Is it possible to bring cameras and/or video cameras?

Of course, such an experience must be captured! The pilot and the on-the-ground staff will give you a special and compulsory briefing on how to use them safely.

Is smoking allowed on the hot-air balloon?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Smoking is forbidden near the hot-air balloon and also during pre-flight operations.

I’m afraid of heights. Can I fly on a hot-air balloon?

It depends. We've hosted passengers with the same issue that had fun and a great time, fear of heights notwithstanding. However, we recommend you contact us so that we can understand your needs and find the best solution.

Can children fly on a hot-air balloon?

For safety reasons, we do not take children under the age of 9 and/or smaller than 1.40 m on rides.

I’m pregnant. Can I fly?

Flying on a hot-air balloon is an exciting and adventurous experience. That’s why we do not take pregnant women on rides, for you and your future baby's safety.

I have physical problems. Can I fly?

It depends on the type of problem. We recommend you contact us to assess each case individually.