Faq on drone services

Can your drones fly everywhere?

It depends. Aeronautical regulations are very precise in this regard, and there are strict procedures to follow. As a guarantee for both us and the customer, we carefully examine the location and obtain all necessary authorisations.

What kind of drone do you use?

The model we use is the DJI Phantom 4 PRO V2.0, mainly designed and developed for professional photographers and video makers, as suggested by the ‘pro’ suffix. However, it's possible to use other kinds of drones depending on your needs. Contact us to describe your requirements

How much does one of your services with drones cost?

To assess the price, we must take into account many variables: how complex the area where the flight will take place is, are there any authorisations to obtain, and so on. We invite you to contact us and describe your needs, so that we can send you a customised quote. In any case, we recommend you not to trust rates that are too low or clearly well below or above market price. Very often, such flights do not follow the rules.

Are your staff qualified?

Of course. Our pilot holds a licence to pilot drones, including a certificate for critical operations. He also has a specific certificate for risk management of drone operations. Moreover, the drone is regularly registered at ENAC (Ente Nazionale Aviazione Civile, Italian Civil Aviation Authority) and regularly covered by a third-party insurance.

How far in advance should I book a service?

It depends on the type of service you require, and above all on the area where the flight should take place. In some cases, it’s possible to book the service only one day in advance. In other cases, it may take 60-90 days to obtain the necessary authorisations. Contact us and describe your requirements, so that we can give you more detailed information.

Is it possible to fly over gatherings of people?

NO, it is always forbidden to fly over gatherings of people. For safety reasons, it is also preferable to avoid flying over people.

Is it possible to fly over stadiums or venues where concerts or sports events are held?

NO, it is always forbidden to fly over gatherings of people iDo you offer other services besides photographs and videos taken with a drone?n such venues. However, there are solutions to achieve good results while following the rules, with alternatives to drones. For further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you offer other services besides photographs and videos taken with a drone?

If you’d like, we can also take care of the editing and post-production stage of videos and photos. We can also offer a complete photo shoot, with photographers specialised in photos and videos taken for weddings and events, or promotional reasons. In cooperation with selected and experienced partners, we also offer aerial thermal imaging, inspections, surveys, and precision agriculture services.