Do you dream of flying and travelling but are terribly afraid to do so? Do you feel uncomfortable detaching your shadow from the ground? Do you want to grow and improve? This is the course for you! A full immersion in the world of flying, technical staff will explain all the fascinating world that revolves around a flight to ensure its absolute safety, you will find answers to a thousand questions.
A team of psychologists and coaches will guide you through the hidden fears of your flight-related self to remove blocks, anxieties and fears. Finally, to celebrate, there's nothing better than a hot air balloon ride!
A unique flying experience, sailing gently through the sky. Would you like that? Do you see it as an unattainable dream? Join our community to find out the next dates and we will help you make your dream come true!
Price: € 700 per participant including VAT
Location: Piedmont, Lombardy