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Massimo Arnò

I am the founder of Discover the Sky and have been working in the aeronautical field for about 30 years. I have a licence to fly various kinds of aircrafts, hot-air balloons, and drones. I have extensive knowledge of the aeronautical field, thanks to 2,300 hours of flying and other experiences in this sector.

‘I would like to share my excitement and passion for everything that flies, and enable you to experience the full potential of the sky through our many services, which are always carried out to our best ability, ensuring reliability, quality, and excellence.’

But it's not possible to do everything by myself, so I have a group of partners and associates and we have established unique partnerships all over Italy, in order to fulfil various needs. We all share a great passion for the sky and for flying, which is much more than a simple job. We also have first-quality technical expertise, and we form a professional team that will always be able to give you the best advice and offer the best solutions for what you have in mind – or have not even thought of yet!

As we love to say, the sky is our home. DISCOVER and EXPLORE it with us!

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Flying in a hot-air balloon will evoke unique, magical feelings, and we do our best to help you experience this. That's why we believe that the best way is to offer ad-hoc flights, where you won’t be disturbed by strangers. Moreover, the pilot will improve your experience because they will be completely focused on you and will guide you through the skies. An experience that is truly and completely for YOU.

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